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March 2016

Find Me Swallow: Chapter 9

hello! enjoy the next chapter of our novelette! 

Chapter 9

Hum, Ibis, and Da looked at me proudly.  Our conversation strayed to topics of the upcoming rebellion, then turned once again.  This turn composed of Da’s explanation to us  regarding the cause of the village.  

He sighed with a happy weariness, watched the fountain’s gurgling for a moment, then began, “This will be rather a long story, I assume, but since you all have just eaten, we have some time to discuss this.”  

A villager woman sat down on the rim of the fountain to listen.  She was a smiling middle aged girl with the “barbarian” looks of the Huns.  However, I thought, The Huns probably call our Clan’s people “barbarians” too.  

As I observed our visiting villager, Da continued his explanation.

He said, “This village was created to help those in dire danger, those in such danger that they would leap from the heights of a waterfall to escape their malicious pursuers.  Those escaping from the other Clans, or even the wickeder societies of those heathen Huns, could stumble upon us if they had the courage to run from their known trials into the unknown tortures of these woods.”  

“The only thing that allowed me to find out about this place were my visions. Back when I would receive them in the village, I would try to act on them. I began receiving them when I first married your Mema. For a long time, I put them off, demanding myself to say that they weren’t true. But they became more intense. Instead of only having them at night when I was asleep, they began to plague me during the day. The worst one I had came over me when I first got into Eldritch. It led me straight to the village, which I almost knew it would do. So that’s how I found myself here.” Da looked over at Hum and beckoned him to tell the rest of his story.

Hum quickly accounted his story, which was nearly the same as my experience; after fighting the Hun, he had driven the beastly man back, only for the Hun to retaliate by making a running leap!   The Hun then hurridly dragged Hum down the length of the creek, then threw the boy into the rapids.  Hum had then tumbled down the down the waterfall.  There, Da and Ibis had discovered him.

Everyone hurried off to get some more food, but I didn’t go immediately. Ibis didn’t either. She looked exhausted, but also confused.

“You okay?” I asked carefully, hoping that I wouldn’t offend her in any way.

“Yeah, I’m just confused.”

“Why’s that?”

“Everything in all my life has been horrible until Hum. And then you. And then this village and your Da. I can’t help thinking that things might get better.” Ibis glanced at me, ashamed.

“What are you confused about?” I asked again.

“Why is everyone all of the sudden acting nice to me?”

I looked at her solemnly, and I was a bit hurt. Hadn’t she been the one persecuting me before all of this had happened?  “Well-” I began, but I was interrupted.

“I’m just shocked that all of the sudden everyone treats me like a, like a- princess.” She smacked away a tear. “When I was born, my Mama was banished from the clan, so naturally, no one knew that I was a clan princess. Da – no. He isn’t worthy to be called a father to anyone. Chief Fal used to beat me because I didn’t want the power and responsibility that came with being who I am; he would hire me out to work as a slave in his fields because I refused to be who he expected a princess to be; someone who is only a doll that stands in front of a village. I wanted to be a Warrior. He hated that.” She looked down at her lap and was absentmindedly twiddling her thumbs. I knew the look.

“I’m one of the only people you’ve told about this, correct?” I asked gently.

She sniffled and shoved her hand to wipe away another tear. “Yes. You and Hum. I trust you guys.” I got a small sensation down deep inside my gut, as I knew just how hard it was to earn someone’s trust.

“Thanks Ibis.” I said, smiling quietly.

“I figured because Hum went through some tough stuff being an orphan and all, and you lost your dad kind of, you guys would understand how broken I am.” I looked at Ibis’ face for a moment and I saw her eyes darken. She had experienced horrors under the thumbs of the elders that I could never even fathom. But she trusted me with her brokenness. And that made all the difference.

“When did you and Hum become so close?” I asked innocently. I saw a look in her face and immediately said, “I don’t mean to pry, I’m just asking.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s okay. He accidentally walked in on Chief Fal beating me one time. I was nine. He ran in front of me, kind of like when you saved your Ma. Chief told me all about the outrage.” She smiled. “That was dreadfully brave by the way. Anyway, he protected me from Chief Fal. Later, he came back and we got to know one another. He’s one of the most loyal people you will ever know, Swallow Frond. He swore that day that he would always protect me. No matter what. Chief Fal hasn’t beaten me since then.” After she told me, all I could say was,



Glory Glory Book Club!

Hello there again, lovely readers of Glory Glory Writings! A few weeks ago, Kat and I decided to add a new portion to our writing blog: A book club!

Over the rest of the school year and summer, Kat and I will be reading books together, and you are welcome to join us if you would like! We will be doing joined book reviews together as we go along.

Thank you so much for following! Happy writing and now reading!

{Hey, it’s Kat here!}

Em and I are so excited to introduce our new book reviews/club!!! We’ll be starting Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte over break.  After reading our weekly five chapters, we will post here, telling you, the lucky reader, about what has happened so far and our opinions on the events!  Feel free to read along through the classics with us!

~Kat ❤


Sounds legit! 😉

This one’s for you Em. 😀

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Find Me Swallow: Chapter 8

It seemed as if we were walking for hours before a small village came into view. My heart began to pound like a bass drum, it actually hurt my chest with every hard beat. If this was where my father was, this was the beginning of a true revolution; freedom from the tyranny and injustice of the clannies and the poverty of living in our village.

As we entered into the town, everything seemed to be silent and abandoned. I looked cautiously at Hum and Ibis, who were smiling wildly and edging at me to go on. Nodding, I continued to walk. As I approached the fountain in the center, my heart went into my throat. It was Da.

He looked as if he hadn’t shaved in a few years, even though it had only been a few days. His warm eyes gazed upon me with admiration and approval. He held out his scruffy arms, and as if I were a bright eyed rabbit, I sprang into them.

He held me for a long time, and even though I had seen him three days ago, I’m sure I was crying. His warm chest seemed very inviting, so I snuggled closer into it. Finally, after what seemed like years, he let me go.

“Hello Al.” Da said, his soft voice ringing with fondness, “I knew you would come back.”

*** *** ***

The next few hours felt as if I were watching someone else live my own life for me. Everything I did seemed to be like a dream. We discussed battle plans, and how we were going to infiltrate the village. This wasn’t me! This was a warrior, which I was not. I slowly began to grow accustomed to how all the people in the small village saluted me as their leader, a feeling I had never before experienced. Later, we sat down by the village fountain, a work of art such as I had never seen before.  THere we ate a small meal of deer and raw carrots, such as the ones Mema plucked from the clan gardens…  

“So Al,” Da began. “How was the journey here? I already know that you got seperated from Ibis and Hum here, but I’d like to hear your version of the tale.” I looked up with a slightly overwhelmed grin.

I went on to explain in much detail just exactly what had befallen in the last few days. I told Da how I saved Hum’s life in the pond, of the pain when Mema was whipped, and when we ran for our lives from the clannies. He listened with a vivid captivation as I told him of my first night in Eldritch, finding Hum again, and then being attacked by the Hun. I ended my narrative by telling him about my journey through the water, down the waterfall, and eventually ending up here. He shook his head when I had finished telling my story.

“Great lichen foot! This is exactly why you are the one of the prophecy. None of the rest of us could have survived that with a meager scratch on our side. I’m so proud of you.” I smiled mischievously.  

“Now, I want to hear what all of you have to say.” I responded evenly. Hum and Ibis seemed to give each other a side grin. For two people who had just survived two days in the wilderness, they seemed as bright eyed and bushy tailed as newborn rabbits.

“Well,” Ibis said. “The journey was hard, being alone and all, but I must say it’s downright more fun than being the future Clan Princess -”

“The what!” Da said, interrupting her quite unlike a leader, “You left the best position in the clan for this?”

“As a matter of fact, I did, Plover Frond, so I pray you will let me continue my story.”  Ibis said haughtily, winking at Hum and I knowingly.  She flipped her hair, and the droplets from the fountain caught in it, sparkling in the sunlight.  

“After we escaped the elders, leaping over the stockade into the living death according to our community, Swallow, Hum, and I all ran in separate directions.  I tore through the woods that night, and finally found a safe place to rest on a high embankment over a creek.  Come morning, I thought that the best way to find you, my friends, would be to follow the water.  After all, all need water to live.”  

During her pause, Da nodded understandingly and Hum punched Ibis gently in the shoulder.

“Get on with it, beautiful!”  he said laughingly.  

Ibis blushed and continued, “Well, an enormous fallen tree, half pushed into the water, half lodged on the swollen creek’s bank, offered a convenient way to travel the woods without tripping on underbrush.  I shoved the log into the water and went along for the ride.  I must have been half asleep, because the next thing I knew, I was hurtling through the roaring rapids, in the direction of a great plume of falling water!”

Hum gasped, and I laughed.  He blushed and Ibis punched him for a change!

“Well, you stubborn menfolk keep interrupting my story.  Do you want to hear the ending or not?”

Instantly, Hum and Da were silent as two scruffy, brawny  angels.  I snorted in spite of myself, and Ibis proudly finished her saga, “Well, being the intelligent woman that I am, I leaped off my watercraft just in time, for no sooner had it shot ahead of me than a wild torrent of water crashed about my head!  Well, to make a long story short, I surfaced with ease and swam ashore to the distantly visible village with the carelessness of a nymph from above -”

This time I punched her, and she rubbed her arm pitifully.  “It’s no small task to swim ashore while tons of water are pounding your ears!  Stop sounding so darn princess like and talk like a warrior!”  

My father looked surprised, but smiled charmingly.

“This is not the shy, smart, yet unspoken-to-the-crowds little Al I left?” He said.  In reply, I grinned grimly, expressing all the seriousness in the world, along with joy.

“No, Da, I am afraid it is not.  Al of the Clan is dead.  She died during Mema’s and her own whipping.  She died under the arrows of those she trusted. She died under the thumb of a blood-thirsty Hun.  Al is dead, and I do not mourn her.”  

Da gaped for a moment, but straightened his back and set his face.  He was proud of me, I could tell, only a little startled.  I would be startled too, in his case.  But Da was right.  I had changed.  I had changed from an intelligent child to a hardened warrior.  No longer would I pause to draw the dagger, Mema’s brutal whipping had changed that.  No longer would I fear the roaring waters of filthy, bubbling rivers, Hum’s near drowning and my brave and wild creekside plunge had made sure of that.  No longer did I hide what was on my mind, I spoke it outright.  No longer was I his little angel-Al, I was Swallow the Fierce, the one spoken of by seers of old, the one who would lead her people back to the Truth and Justice.  

“I am Swallow the Fierce, Da, and together Hum, Ibis, you, I: we and those of this village shall guide our people back to freedom.”

Find Me Swallow: Chapter 7

Hello everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted in a really long time before yesterday… We’ve had this written for a while, but we just haven’t gotten around to posting for some reason.

Chapter 7

I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. I’m very thankful my fear drove the screams away because a scream would not have helped us at all. Hum grabbed my arm and slowly we stood up and began backing up the bank, towards the woods.  If the huge creature didn’t attack us, we could hide.

The horrible Hun was ginormous; at least eight feet high and around three feet wide. He looked a medieval viking, with his sandals and spiked helmet. Where could he have received them from, out here? His face was bent into a sneer, and he looked a bit like a mad dog, about to growl.

So, in intelligent premonition, I growled first.  

The Hun, rather than stepping back, stepped forward, and it was like David versus Goliath.  As swiftly as an owl pounces upon a swallow, the Hun drew forth a scimitar and slashed at me.  I leaped backwards, pulling Hum’s arm tight, after me.  The Hun also leaped, his hair prickling like a cactus, all the while waving his rusty sword.

Oh lichen-foot.  That wasn’t rust.  It was dried blood.

This was when Hum took over for my stalled brain.  I felt a cold thread of metal run across my side, as my frozen wits heard the slash of metal upon metal.  Finally it came to me that the Hun, attempting to slice my side, had been blocked mostly by my dagger. And that Hum had just tore my dagger from my side to fight the Hun.  And that it might be a good idea to run away…

“Hum!” I cried, tripping off the high bank of the creek into the icy waters, “Run!  We must hide!”  As I struggled to keep my face above the current, I called, “Don’t come back for me…I – can – swim…”  

Then my head sank below the deep waters, and the current carried my limp body onward.


My body may have seemed limp, but my mind wasn’t.  Over the sound of rushing water, I could hear the Hun’s splashing, and Hum’s yells of protest as he ran onward.  I kept my body still, so the Hun would think me dead and not stab me as I floated down the stream.  Discretely, I turned my mouth above the water, gulping a deep breathe. My eyes, open under the water, could glimpse the water’s color becoming darker, more stirred up and muddy…like rapids.  The creek’s water, besides quickly turning into liquid mud, churned faster and faster.  

Oh no, I thought, A rapids.  

I sat bolt upright in the deep water and began to tread.  Good news and bad news, I thought to myself, Mostly good news: I was far from the Hun, I could tell because I could no longer  hear his frightening grunts.  But I was also far from Hum now.  Also bad news: I could not touch the ground of the creek.  

Quickly, I began to pull myself towards the high banks of the churning waters.  

My stomach was also churning.  Probably due to the condition of the waters.  

Thrusting out my arms like a champion swimmer, imagining I was swiming for Hum in the muddy village creek, imagining Ibis standing there, screaming, imagining –

My face hit land.  Hard, as was obvious from my throbbing head and crunched neck.  But there was no time for pity parties for me.  Quickly, I pulled myself against the slippery stone bank, set practically at a right angle to the rushing water.  My fingers cramped, as I tried to pull myself up the bank.  If my life or my strength were like those of the Huns, I would have been able to heave myself up onto the bank with little effort at all.  I was not a Hun however, and my cramped fingers, throbbing head, scraped knee, and Hun-dagger-nicked side caused me to toss myself back into the foaming waves, groaning.  The water deepened even further, the waves churned harder, and I began to pray furiously, just as I shot over the edge of a waterfall.

I burst forth from the filthy froth, kicking frantically and rubbing my stinging eyes on my damp shoulders.  Swimming for my life away from the torrents of water, I kicked the pebbly ground.

Land! At last!

The ground was at my feet, my toes scraped hard earth, and I pulled myself onto oily pebbles and slept gratifyingly.  


“Great lichen-foot, we just keep getting seperated don’t we?” I heard Hum say.

“Swallow, you shouldn’t keep running away from us like that!” Ibis!

“You’re back! You’re okay! Oh thank goodness.” On impulse, I pulled myself up and threw myself into her slightly reluctant arms. Against her immediate will, I saw her give a small grin.

“I missed you too, punk.” She replied. She let go at the same time that I did. “We have something to show you, and I think you’ll like it. A lot.”

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