Hello everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted in a really long time before yesterday… We’ve had this written for a while, but we just haven’t gotten around to posting for some reason.

Chapter 7

I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. I’m very thankful my fear drove the screams away because a scream would not have helped us at all. Hum grabbed my arm and slowly we stood up and began backing up the bank, towards the woods.  If the huge creature didn’t attack us, we could hide.

The horrible Hun was ginormous; at least eight feet high and around three feet wide. He looked a medieval viking, with his sandals and spiked helmet. Where could he have received them from, out here? His face was bent into a sneer, and he looked a bit like a mad dog, about to growl.

So, in intelligent premonition, I growled first.  

The Hun, rather than stepping back, stepped forward, and it was like David versus Goliath.  As swiftly as an owl pounces upon a swallow, the Hun drew forth a scimitar and slashed at me.  I leaped backwards, pulling Hum’s arm tight, after me.  The Hun also leaped, his hair prickling like a cactus, all the while waving his rusty sword.

Oh lichen-foot.  That wasn’t rust.  It was dried blood.

This was when Hum took over for my stalled brain.  I felt a cold thread of metal run across my side, as my frozen wits heard the slash of metal upon metal.  Finally it came to me that the Hun, attempting to slice my side, had been blocked mostly by my dagger. And that Hum had just tore my dagger from my side to fight the Hun.  And that it might be a good idea to run away…

“Hum!” I cried, tripping off the high bank of the creek into the icy waters, “Run!  We must hide!”  As I struggled to keep my face above the current, I called, “Don’t come back for me…I – can – swim…”  

Then my head sank below the deep waters, and the current carried my limp body onward.


My body may have seemed limp, but my mind wasn’t.  Over the sound of rushing water, I could hear the Hun’s splashing, and Hum’s yells of protest as he ran onward.  I kept my body still, so the Hun would think me dead and not stab me as I floated down the stream.  Discretely, I turned my mouth above the water, gulping a deep breathe. My eyes, open under the water, could glimpse the water’s color becoming darker, more stirred up and muddy…like rapids.  The creek’s water, besides quickly turning into liquid mud, churned faster and faster.  

Oh no, I thought, A rapids.  

I sat bolt upright in the deep water and began to tread.  Good news and bad news, I thought to myself, Mostly good news: I was far from the Hun, I could tell because I could no longer  hear his frightening grunts.  But I was also far from Hum now.  Also bad news: I could not touch the ground of the creek.  

Quickly, I began to pull myself towards the high banks of the churning waters.  

My stomach was also churning.  Probably due to the condition of the waters.  

Thrusting out my arms like a champion swimmer, imagining I was swiming for Hum in the muddy village creek, imagining Ibis standing there, screaming, imagining –

My face hit land.  Hard, as was obvious from my throbbing head and crunched neck.  But there was no time for pity parties for me.  Quickly, I pulled myself against the slippery stone bank, set practically at a right angle to the rushing water.  My fingers cramped, as I tried to pull myself up the bank.  If my life or my strength were like those of the Huns, I would have been able to heave myself up onto the bank with little effort at all.  I was not a Hun however, and my cramped fingers, throbbing head, scraped knee, and Hun-dagger-nicked side caused me to toss myself back into the foaming waves, groaning.  The water deepened even further, the waves churned harder, and I began to pray furiously, just as I shot over the edge of a waterfall.

I burst forth from the filthy froth, kicking frantically and rubbing my stinging eyes on my damp shoulders.  Swimming for my life away from the torrents of water, I kicked the pebbly ground.

Land! At last!

The ground was at my feet, my toes scraped hard earth, and I pulled myself onto oily pebbles and slept gratifyingly.  


“Great lichen-foot, we just keep getting seperated don’t we?” I heard Hum say.

“Swallow, you shouldn’t keep running away from us like that!” Ibis!

“You’re back! You’re okay! Oh thank goodness.” On impulse, I pulled myself up and threw myself into her slightly reluctant arms. Against her immediate will, I saw her give a small grin.

“I missed you too, punk.” She replied. She let go at the same time that I did. “We have something to show you, and I think you’ll like it. A lot.”