Hello there lovely peoples. So, finally, (because of my procrastination) we will be reviewing chapters 1-5 of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.  (hint: there may be slight “spoilers,” but mostly not)

PS. I’m super sorry if it autocorrects to “Withering” without my knowledge. ;P

Okay, so first off we meet this super grumpy guy, Heathcliff. He’s a grumpy, standoffish kind of dude, and I’m immediately like, dude what’s your problem? Also, the narrator, Lockwood is wimpy and annoying:

Example. In the beginning of chapter two, he came back to Heathcliff’s windy house despite the fact that he wasn’t really welcome. Then he proceeds to jump over the locked gate, and bang and yell through the locked door.

Bruh. Srsly?

The part that really got my goat was the part in chapter three where we are put under the impression that Heathcliff wants to be possessed by a ghost.

Heathcliff. Buddy? Are you okay? Cuz I’m not convinced at all. And you had a pretty sick childhood.

Those are my general thoughts for the first five chapters… Kat? Take it away!


Hey guys, Kat here.  So, I must admit, I’ve read a little ahead and am getting to be pretty disappointed by this guy, Heathcliff.  Totally rude, and his dogs attack his tenant.  (Yikes for Lockwood) As a bonus, he lives in a gloomy old house on an isolated moor with a bunch of grouchy people who are somehow related to him.

Cheery setting, right?  Oh, so you think Heathcliff is inhospitable.  Turns out he was abused as a kid, an orphan, and so now he seeks to make everyone around him’s lives miserable.  Or at least it’s something like that. 😉

So, one of our narrators, Lockwood, gets snowed in while visiting Heathcliff.  He reads a girl, Catherine’s, journals from years before, and then dreams she is haunting him.  Heathclif comes in to blow up at Lockwood for being there and, like Em says, wants to be haunted by  her.

So, in summary, Heathcliff is pretty messed up, and the setting just ain’t happy at the beginning of the book…

Check in for more reading next week!