Em- Hey there lovely writers and readers! Nice to see you here at Glory Glory Writings!

I’m a little crazy, but so are all writers? Right? Hardy har har. If you’d like, you can also find me at Literary Moose, my fun little blog where I share poems, writing tips, and updates on my novel I’m currently working on. But anyway, this blog will be our home for our short stories and novelettes; hope you enjoy and are inspired!

Thanks for reading our blog!

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Kat here ~

Hello friends and readers!  I’m Kat, enthusiastic writer and lover of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Here on Glory Glory, Em and I will post our novellettes, short stories, writing exercises, and book…facts.  I reside at Dreams of a Youth, my writing and cooking home.  My current favorite accomplishment is a nine course dinner I made…but that’s another story to be found on Dreams of a Youth!  

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